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We got your back You keep the front

The headless CMS approach is the future of the websites. Data Forms, Data Management, Security, Email Trigger is still backend. Let us simplify that and keep your self busy on the front ;).
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Create your API fast and secure

WebSubmit allows you to create the API for your web forms very easily, fast and secure. Following this approach, you can host your modern web as a static website and consume the API created in W/S.

Boost Productivity

Keep the focus entirely on the front-end and make sure the latest UI/UX standards are in place. We allow you to build the entire API for your forms very easy.

  • Create the forms
  • Consume the API's in your front
  • Manage the data coming in

Automated Tasks

The automated tasks always bring magic.

  • Automatic Email Trigger for new entries
  • Data Auto-Delete mechanism for GDPR compliance
  • Easily secure your forms from frauds and abuse

Our Features

Check out our list of awesome features below. And more comming soon...


You can easily create your forms, define the form fields and consume the API

Data Management

You are allowed to view/delete and export the data for each form separately.


We provide built-in fraud protection but also we provide and advice built in Google reCaptcha.

External Integrations

You're allowed to integrate your Mail Provider which then will send out emails on each form submit.

Email Templates

Define your custom personalized email template for each form separately.

API Documentation

For each form, you'll have a well documented API that explains how to consume the API from your website.

Pricing Plans

We have many variations of plans. But, we always got your back, even for free ;)



/ month

You feel small with the free version? This is the right plan for a good start.

  • Auto Delete of Data
  • CSV Export
  • Google reCaptcha
  • 4 forms
  • 200 entries in total
  • 3MB logs for each form
  • 2 Email Integrations
  • Premium Support
  • Medium Priority Mail Queue
Coming Soon



/ month

Ideal for medium-size businesses to larger businesses

  • Auto Delete of Data
  • CSV Export
  • Google reCaptcha
  • 10 forms
  • 1000 entries in total
  • 6MB logs for each form
  • 5 Email Integrations
  • Premium Support
  • High Priority Mail Queue
Coming Soon



/ month

Ideal for larger and enterprise companies

  • Auto Delete of Data
  • CSV Export
  • Google reCaptcha
  • 50 forms
  • 10000 entries in total
  • 50MB logs for each form
  • 50 Email Integrations
  • Premium Support
  • High Priority Mail Queue
Coming Soon



/ month

Some limits of the free plan will be lower after a while. The current limits are only during the lunch period.

  • CSV Export
  • Google reCaptcha
  • 3 forms
  • 150 entries
  • 2MB logs
  • 1 Email Integration

As we said above...

We got your back, you keep the front...

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