Frequently asked questions

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Why is WebSubmit needed?
Nowadays the modern websites are mostly built with Front-End Frameworks like React, Angular or Vue.js. These websites could be hosted with a backend that could handle data input in specific web forms. This would automatically require to have a backend to secure the forms, validate the data, trigger emails in case it is needed etc. WebSubmit allows you to build an API for your forms, manage data submited from the users, secure the forms with modern anti-robot mechanisms, trigger automatic emails, auto-delete data etc,. Using WebSubmit, you can easily host your modern website as a static website in S3, or other hosting solutions.
Where should I start?
After the user registers in the platform, the next step to start using WebSubmit is by creating the form. Under the forms module, the user is able to create new forms and define the fields for each of them separately. After creating the form, new submodules for the specific form would appear. Using these small sub-modules you are able to configure the form data auto deletion, enable reCaptcha from Google in order to secure the form, setup Email templates when a user submits the form.
How are the emails sent out?
In the general settings, the user is able to integrate their own SMTP/Email Providers for mail sending. Currently we support Classic SMTP, Sparkpost, Sendgrid for emails. After the user integrates the email provider the emails will be sent out if the configuration to the forms is enabled and the right provider is chosen.
What can I do with my data?
Each form has the Browse option which basically allows the user to see the submitted data. Currently there is a general search provided. The user is also able to export the data as CSV and delete specific entry from the database.
How do I understand when something is not working?
The web application and the API have a clear response with the precise errors. However, there is Logs section for each form separately where all the errors are listed and could be analyzed what went wrong.